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About Ecohydra

EcoHydra Technologies Ltd (EcoHydra) is dedicated to delivering superior hand hygiene formulations which are both effective, yet kind to the skin, unlike harsh alcohol-based products.

Ecohydra Hand Hygiene


The EcoHydra range

Includes hand sanitisers, hand washes, a hand lotion and a barrier cream, which are all alcohol and Triclosan free and have been thoroughly tested and certified by independent laboratories to effectively kill up to 99.9999% of bacteria within 30 seconds of application.

Each product in the EcoHydra range is extremely safe and gentle containing the natural moisturiser, Aloe Vera, to nourish and care for the skin, and encourage regular use as often as needed.

Our EcoHydra hand hygiene products are so effective they are also used in a variety of demanding environments where protection against infection is paramount; including NHS hospitals where the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser is used as an alternative to harsh alcohol-based gels. It also has the added advantage of being effective against Norovirus.

The EcoHydra product range is available to buy from selected pharmacies and online stockists, and is suitable for home and family use.

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