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Hand Wash FAQ

Q. What is an antibacterial handwash?

A. An antibacterial handwash is an antiseptic liquid soap that is used to wash away dirt from physically dirty hands, at the same time as disinfecting by quickly killing, neutralising, or inhibiting the growth of germs on the hands, with the aim of avoiding transmission of germs.  Water is required to lather and then rinse the product off.

Q. What is the most effective hand washing technique?


  • Wet hands.
  • Apply soap.
  • Rub hands together for 20 seconds or more. Rub fingers, thumbs, around the nail bed, the backs of the hands, between the fingers and the palms of the hands.
  • Rinse well with clean running water.
  • Dry on a towel. (If outside of your home or in a healthcare setting, use disposable paper towels or a hand blow dryer).

Q. Why is the EcoHydra Antibacterial Handwash so unique? 

A. EcoHydra’s Antibacterial Handwash is a new hand cleanser with an antimicrobial agent that does not dry the skin. Its unique formula kills up to 99.9999% of known microbes within 30 seconds. It is formulated with the moisturising properties of Aloe Vera to add additional skin conditioning and healing. Competitor hand washes usually state only that they are ‘antimicrobial’ which carries very little meaning as all liquid soaps are ‘antimicrobial’ to some extent, EcoHydra’s Handwash is one of very few that actually states its germ kill percentage as proven through independent testing.

Q. How does the EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash kill germs?

A. The EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash contains the active ingredient Benzalkonium chloride (BAC).  This ingredient has inherent antimicrobial properties and has a well-established safety record – for example, it has been approved by the FDA for use as an active ingredient in the mouth.  The concentration of BAC in this product (0.1%) is very low, decreasing the possibility of skin irritation.  Surfactants are another important component in this handwash.  They complement the BAC by penetrating the skin to deliver the BAC to attack the germs.  Aloe Vera and emollients are key in conditioning and soothing the skin to maintain its integrity with repeated use. 

Q. Why is EcoHydra’s Antibacterial Handwash so gentle on the skin?

A. Other actives strip away your skin's own natural, protective oils, causing drying which may lead to open sores on the skin. These sores can attract bacteria, leaving your skin more vulnerable. EcoHydra’s Antibacterial Handwash has cationic properties, which means it is positively-charged. These properties are more compatible with the essential oils of the skin than those of the negatively-charged (anionic) active ingredients found in most alternative soaps. The majority of the industrial hand cleansers currently available on the market rely on negatively-charged actives to clean in the presence of water. Such alternative actives tend to irritate and dry the skin. Damaging the skin can trigger the release of inflammatory agents from the cells, and can lead to an inflammatory response. These negatively-charged actives tend to destroy the skin's water-retaining oils and lipids, causing problems similar to those produced by alcohol-based instant hand sanitisers. Overall, the net result is that anionic soaps damage skin cells, and dry the skin.

Q. How effective is the EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash against harmful microorganisms?

A. The handwash is effective against a wide range of common bacteria and yeast, killing up to 99.9999% of disease-causing germs in as little as 15-30 seconds.

Q. How much of the EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash needs to be used?

A. An amount of 2-3ml (2-3 squirts) is sufficient to produce the desired effects.

Q. What is the shelf life of the EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash?

A. EcoHydra® Antibacterial Handwash has a shelf life of three years. 

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