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Hand Lotion


The EcoHydra Hand Lotion with Antibacterial helps to heal dry or chapped skin, and prevent infections.

Used as a daily moisturising lotion with additional antibacterial protection, this soothing lotion provides ongoing protection throughout the day against germs and contamination.

Like all our products the EcoHydra Hand Lotion with Antibacterial is completely alcohol and Triclosan free, utilising our unique BASE Technology™ to effectively kill up to 99.9999% of germs within 30 seconds of application without harming the skin or affecting its pH level.

Why Choose EcoHydra's Hand Lotion with Antibacterial?

Not all hand lotions are created equal!

Most hand lotions do not have the added benefit of also being antibacterial but the EcoHydra product does.

Hand Lotion with Antibacterial

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