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Hand Sanitiser


The EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser is at the centre of our product range.

It offers a high level of protection and practicality killing up to 99.9999% of germs within 30 seconds of application without the need for water.

It is also effective against viruses including Norovirus.

With its BASE Technology™ formula that is completely free from alcohol and Triclosan the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser can be used repeatedly throughout the day with no damaging effects to the skin's integrity or pH level, making it suitable for regular use as well as highly effective.

The product quickly air-dries naturally leaving no trace liquid or sticky residue and continues to actively fight germs, unlike alcohol-based products.

Hand Sanitisers

Germ Attack

There is now a new product available for children called Germ Attack with all the germ killing properties of the Hand Sanitiser but with a strawberry fragrance.

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