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Why Alcohol Free?

Alcohol-based sanitisers can dry out the skin, and with frequent use, may leave hands with microscopic cracks and fissures in the skin which encourage germs to remain and breed.   

On top of this, these products are also ineffective against certain bacteria and are highly flammable.

With its completely alcohol-free, antibacterial formula, the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser is free from the harshness of alcohol-based sanitisers and is enriched with the natural moisturiser Aloe Vera, making it pleasant to use as well as highly effective.

This is a huge benefit to those who need to cleanse their hands frequently and helps with improved hand hygiene protocol compliance. The product also provides lasting protection for up to 4 hours after use, whereas alcohol quickly evaporates and provides no further protection.


The EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser has been clinically proven to kill up to 99.9999% of germs within 30 seconds of application.  In fact, EcoHydra is more effective in use than alcohol-based products as well as being cheaper per application. 

The rest of the EcoHydra product range namely hand wash, hand lotion and barrier cream, are also alcohol free.

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