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Birmingham's Leading Hand Sanitiser Supplier

Effective and reliable hand sanitisers for businesses and medical institutions across Birmingham and the rest of the UK.

Your employees' safety is paramount, but many employers don't think about their hand hygiene. It's something very easy to overlook, but will be a big problem if not taken seriously; especially in the medical industry. Hand sanitisers that are not alcohol free will be damaging to your skin, so many people either won't use them regularly, or will and cause repetitive skin issues. With EcoHydra's hand sanitisers, and all of our hand hygiene products, we offer the same high levels of protection against germs, while being completely alcohol free. This negates the damaging and drying effects on your hands, leaving them smooth, clean and issue free.

Learn more about our hand sanitisers, or any of our hand hygiene products, today by calling us on 07974 964038, or by sending us a message through our contact form to discuss your requirements with a professional and friendly member of our team.

Keep your employees safe with long lasting hand sanitisers

There are many benefits to using hand sanitisers in your business or medical institution, such as:

  • Our hand sanitiser is kind to the skin and maintains the natural pH to keep skin supple and hygienic
  • Ours remains active and effective against micro-organisms for an extended period
  • Alcohol free hand sanitiser is not as dangerous as products with alcohol - they are flammable and are highly unsafe around patients with dementia, or children who may drink it
  • Alcohol based products become less effective with repeated application

Making sure that your hands are clean is extremely important, especially when working with the public or working in the health sector. Using hand sanitisers frequently kills up to 99.9999% of germs, helping to prevent the spread of germs and diseases such as C. difficile and the Novovirus. Our hand sanitisers are non-toxic, alcohol free, soothing, won't dry out your skin and are non-irritating as well, meaning they are the perfect choice for regular use.

Kill up to 99.9999% of germs with our hand sanitisers

Based in Middlesex, we provide a range of hand sanitisers and other hand hygiene products to customers in the consumer and medical industries in Birmingham and across the UK. If your business needs hand hygiene products, then EcoHydra is the perfect solution for you.

To find out more about our hand sanitisers, then call us today on 07974 964038, or get in touch with us through our contact form to send us a message and discuss your requirements.

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