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Effectiveness of EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser against SARS-CoV 2 known to cause COVID-19

Date: Thu 7th May 2020

EcoHydra’s Hand Sanitiser has been tested by an independent... More >

COVID-19 spreads more via hands than via airborne droplets

Date: Sat 2nd May 2020

Government scientists have determined that the risk of transmissi... More >

Some alcohol hand sanitisers found to contain dangerous impurities

Date: Fri 1st May 2020

Some ethanol sanitisers could contain dangerous impurities, inclu... More >

EcoHydra hand sanitiser passes coronavirus tests

Date: Thu 30th April 2020

Now in the UK there is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser that has be... More >

Gloves may give false sense of security

Date: Thu 16th April 2020

Doctors are warning that the use of gloves is no substitute for h... More >

Man dies after drinking alcohol hand sanitiser

Date: Mon 13th April 2020

Among the many known drawbacks of using alcohol in hand sanitiser... More >

Graphic demonstration of proper hand-washing

Date: Sun 29th March 2020

This is an amazing video that shows how thoroughly you need to wa... More >

Singapore endorses EcoHydra active ingredient

Date: Wed 18th March 2020

The Singapore National Environment Agency has published a list of... More >

Hand hygiene at airports focus of study

Date: Sun 8th March 2020

Hand hygiene at airports could substantially reduce the risk of a... More >

WHO prioritises hand hygiene for fighting coronavirus

Date: Sun 8th March 2020

According to this NBC article, the World Health Organisation... More >

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