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Hand sanitisers for the NHS

This section of the web site offers detailed information and technical data for you to make an informed decision about the complete EcoHydra range of products.

For The NHS

The alcohol free antibacterial hand sanitiser is approved for free sale in the UK NHS.

Professional hand hygiene products
Ecohydra hand sanitisers


Ecohydra in Industry

Other users include Schools, nursing homes, dentists, doctors, opticians, retail operations, Podiatrists, food preparation and manufacturing plus many other professional and business applications.

We have become the hand sanitiser of choice because our product range kills more germs (over 100 times more effective than other leading brands) and is alcohol free so its kind to hands and suitable for high daily usage. Because it also contains Aloe Vera it’s also an effective moisturiser.

It’s also very cost effective

You use less EcoHydra hand sanitiser product on each application than alcohol based products so it’s better for the skin, kills more germs it also saves you money as well.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our team to discuss supplying EcoHydra’s product range please contact us.   

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