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The estimated cost of absence to business is £13bn a year in the UK alone (CBI/AXA: Absence Survey 2008).

  • Office premises
  • Warehouse and manufacturing
Hand Hygiene

Businesses cannot afford to be complacent about hand hygiene, as it is well established that most diseases are spread through hand contact (WHO statistics).

A simple touch can spread germs that may cause illness from meeting rooms to doors to lift buttons…and ultimately co-workers and visitors. When germs spread, illness can take a toll on performance due to absenteeism. In the current economic environment, many sick employees will struggle to get to work, but will pass on their germs to colleagues; resulting in more employees becoming ill and increasing the effect of lost productivity.

Illnesses such as Norovirus and influenza, can gain a foothold in businesses due to employees working in close contact and sharing business tools, for example computers and coffee machines. EcoHydra has a comprehensive hand hygiene programme to help businesses keep employees and visitors healthy.

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