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Hand Hygiene

Illness is responsible for 1.6 million lost school days during the UK Autumn and spring terms*.

School absenteeism challenges students achieving results and has the following impacts:

  1. Cost of lost learning time
  2. Cost of remedial work
  3. Cost of substitute teachers
  4. Cost of parental absence looking after sick children

On average a child has four colds / respiratory illnesses per year and a teacher has three occurrences

One of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs and prevent illness in a school setting is through hand hygiene. This isn’t always easy to achieve – and the alcohol based hand sanitisers can be dangerous to have around children.

EcoHydra products are being used in schools and colleges across the age range spectrum. Education authorities particularly focus on the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser, which is alcohol free, safe for children, non-flammable and Halal compliant. The EcoHydra Hand Wash is also excellent for use in toilets and kitchens in school facilities.

Alcohol free products achieve proven reductions in absence in schools**


* Dept. for children, schools & families (DCSF) 2008
** Reference articles:

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