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Over 200 diseases are transmitted through food. In food preparation and serving areas, good hand hygiene is the main way to combat the spread of these diseases.

  • Food preparation
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Food contamination creates an enormous social and economic burden on communities and their health systems. In the USA, diseases caused by the major pathogens alone are estimated to cost up to US $35 billion annually (1997) in medical costs and lost productivity.*

*Reference - WHO - Food Safety and Foodbourne Illness

Food Hygiene
Food Preparation

When employees in food preparation or serving areas do not follow hand hygiene protocols, contamination can occur. This leads to customers falling ill; brand damage, potential plant shut down, restaurant closures and in rare cases, litigation.

EcoHydra products are specifically designed with the food industry in mind. Our products are Halal compliant and are fragrance free and have no residual transfer to food, unlike the alcohol-based products. 

The EcoHydra products meet food service standards and have an active ingredient that is approved as a safe food ingredient.

Many food preparation facilities have already adopted the EcoHydra range to increase compliance within the workforce. User trials conducted by a major food company gave the products an ‘excellent’ review.

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