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The spread of microorganisms poses a serious threat to those undergoing care or treatment in a healthcare setting.

  • Hospitals
  • Primary Care
  • Care Homes
  • Dental
  • Opticians
  • Podiatry

The patient is at increased risk of infection from microbes, such as drug resistant strains or superbugs, like MRSA. Without effective control of these organisms, patients and healthcare professionals alike are at risk.

In the community and primary healthcare settings the latest data reveals infection is primarily spread through hand contact.

Hand Hygiene

With viral diseases such as swine flu adding to the existing  bacterial infections, it is necessary to be continually alert to risks of infection many sources. The best and most effective products should be used to combat the spread of disease in healthcare settings of all kinds.

Hand hygiene compliance is a critical issue for reputation, accreditation and patient safety in the healthcare environment.

Compliance can be difficult, given the operational challenges, regulatory requirements and financial constraints in healthcare. The EcoHydra team will work with each healthcare setting to help them establish the most appropriate hand hygiene programme to fit with their specific circumstances

EcoHydra products are safe and easy to use, as well as being highly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes and viruses including Norovirus. The range of products is suited for all healthcare situations, and ensures caregivers and patients are safe and do not spread germs, while maintaining healthy hands. The Hand Sanitser is approved by the NHS Hospital Infection Research Labs.

EcoHydra products are being used in hospitals, dental surgeries, care homes, primary care settings and a wide variety of areas within the community.

Health acquired infections continue to be a nuisance in everyday environments. More and more complicated infections are set to menace us, especially within the dental surgery environment. As a result, clinically proven, alcohol free antibacterial solutions that are kind to the user and the environment, as well as effective at killing off germs, are the future to effective hand hygiene.

Professor Seymour, Dean of Newcastle Dental School

Alcohol free - that's the future of hand hygiene.

Senior Executive from the National Patient Safety Agency in conversation with EcoHydra board member at the Healthcare Associated Infection Conference

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