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Public Health

  • Prison service
  • Ambulance service
  • Military
Public Health

Whether it is at the forefront of the battlefield, in the prison service or treating the public when they are injured and sick, the public health services serve and protect the population.

They deserve to have products that protect them, as well as their patients and others with whom they work. In emergency situations, regular hand washing is often not available. Yet the germs and micro-organisms are spread easily, due to the crowded and dirty surroundings. This is the utmost challenging situation in which to maintain hand hygiene – and yet the most important.

Health concerns are always a top priority in prisons. When there are many individuals in an enclosed environment, there is high risk of outbreaks of illness caused by contagious bacteria or viruses. Whether the concern is the outbreak of Staph or MRSA infections, or the spread of Norovirus or influenza, a planned programme of hand sanitisation with EcoHydra products can help control the spread of these diseases.

EcoHydra’s Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is perfect for these situations. Being alcohol-free, the products can be transported without fear of the risk of flammability – so important for both the emergency services and the military. There is no risk of inmates drinking and abusing the alcohol gel that has been put on some prison wards*. The EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser which kills up to 99.9999% of germs within 15-30 seconds has a persistency on the skin, and continues to protect long after the product has dried.

*Reference - Prisoners found drinking hand gel

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