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With the concept of global tourism firmly established, travelling to countries where access to effective hand washing facilities that can be sporadic or even non-existent is becoming more commonplace.

Portable Hand Sanitisers

It is especially so when travelling to some of the more remote regions and where local hygiene standards may be lower than tourists are used to at home.

Here, simple everyday activities can lead to the spread of infections, such as travelling by bus or visiting a local market.

The local currency can be very dirty, putting the traveller at risk every time goods are purchased. Picking up local infections can ruin a holiday and sometimes lead to more serious diseases.

The solution is a product such as our Alcohol Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser which offers highly effective protection killing up to 99.9999% of germs within 15-30 seconds in a convenient pocket-sized format, which means it is always available to sanitise the hands after any unhygienic contact and always before meals.

There are sometimes out breaks of Norovirus on Cruise ships and EcoHydra has been shown to be effective against this virus.

Furthermore, whereas alcohol based sanitisers are highly flammable and so present a serious fire risk, especially in hot countries where the ambient temperature may be above their flash point, alcohol free products are non-flammable and in addition provide a lasting protection.

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