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Barrier Cream FAQ

Q. What is a barrier cream with Antibacterial?

A. A barrier cream with antibacterial properties is a cream that is rubbed onto the skin and forms a physical barrier between the skin and contaminants which may irritate, infect, or damage the skin.  It also disinfects the hands by quickly killing, neutralising, or inhibiting the growth of germs on the hands.

Q. Why is the EcoHydra Barrier Cream with Antibacterial so unique?

A. EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial  is a cream that protects against harmful agents commonly found in the work and home environment.  It has both a physical barrier and an active antimicrobial barrier to known germs; it kills up to 99.999% of known microbes within 30 seconds, and is a moisturising cream that softens dry, cracked skin to keep the hands healthy.

Q. How does the EcoHydra Barrier Cream with Antibacterial contribute to the health of the skin?

A. The Aloe Vera rich formula has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. As a result, EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Anibacterial properties is an effective and non-obtrusive skin barrier that protects against continued aggravation of abused, infected, and environmentally sensitive skin, whilst having the secondary effect of allowing the skin to heal naturally from within.

Q. What do you mean by ‘Barrier’?

A. The innovative basis of EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial formulation is that it forms a protective bond to the outermost layer of the skin which lasts for hours. The lotion's impermeable characteristics help prevent moisture loss, protect against the penetration of harmful chemicals (non-toxic), and protect from a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens via its FDA-approved antimicrobial agent. The "invisible" silicone composition in the Barrier Cream wears off as part of the natural exfoliation process of the skin's outer layer of cells.

Q. Will EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial help protect me from germs?

A. The Barrier Cream inhibits the growth of a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and destroys many germs on contact. The Barrier Cream is effective against a range of bacteria, that can cause food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, typhoid fever, and septicaemia.

Q. How does the EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial kill germs?

A. The EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial contains the active ingredient Benzalkonium chloride (BAC).  This ingredient has inherent antimicrobial properties and has a well-established safety record – for example, it has been approved by the FDA for use as an active ingredient in the mouth.  The concentration of BAC in this product (0.065%) is very low, decreasing the possibility of skin irritation.  Surfactants are another important component in this barrier cream.  They complement the BAC by penetrating the skin to deliver the BAC to attack the germs.  Aloe Vera and emollients are key in conditioning, soothing, and moisturising the skin to maintain its integrity with repeated use. 

Q. How effective is the EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial against harmful microorganisms?

A. The barrier cream is effective against a wide range of common bacteria and yeast, killing up to 99.999% of disease-causing pathogens within 15-30 seconds.

Q. How long is the EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial effective for?

A. The EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial has residual germ-killing properties that have been shown to remain active and effective against microorganisms long after application, ensuring excellent ongoing protection.  However, this residual activity is not permanent and regular re-application of this and/or other EcoHydra® hand sanitisation products should be practised.

Q. Is EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial safe for my skin?

A. No evidence of skin sensitisation to the cream has been found, which is important since, ideally, EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial will be used several times throughout the day.

Q. Is EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial only to be used in a clinical setting?

A. No. It is gentle enough for daily use, including on the sensitive skin of children. Therefore, it has applications in all businesses, for example medical clinics, food preparation services, and schools

Q. Can EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial replace gloves?

A. This product is not a replacement for accepted protective devices such as gloves or other conventional protection against harsh acids or toxic solvents, but is an effective backup to their possible and documented failure. In fact, it can protect against the possible side effects of their use, such as allergic reactions. Where protection is not available, or too cumbersome, it can become the first line of defence for areas of exposed skin.

Q. How much of the EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial needs to be used?

A. One squeeze (2-3ml) is sufficient to achieve the desired effects.

Q. How does the product feel?

A. It is invisible on the skin and is not sticky or greasy.

Q. How often should I use the Barrier Cream?

A. EcoHydra’s Barrier Cream with Antibacterial will naturally dissipate over a period of hours depending upon the individual characteristics of the user. Consequently, we recommend that in order to receive maximum protection, you apply the Barrier Cream every two hours. In addition, the area of skin to be protected should be as dry and as clean as possible prior to application.

Q. What is the shelf life of the EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial ?

A. The EcoHydra® Barrier Cream with Antibacterial has a shelf life of three years.  We have a symbol on our label which denotes “Use within 18 months of opening”.

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