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Hand hygiene as vital for patients as for nurses

Date: Mon 20th May 2019

Better hand hygiene among hospital patients is crucial to curb th... More >

Only 20% of healthcare workers can recall 5 hand-washing guidelines, study finds

Date: Thu 9th May 2019

Compliance with the World Health Organization's "My 5 Mo... More >

Australian hospitals show worth of handwashing campaigns

Date: Mon 29th April 2019

A national handwashing campaign has helped reduce a key cause of ... More >

How much does an electronic hand hygiene monitoring system affect compliance? 3 research details to know

Date: Mon 15th April 2019

Deploying electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems intermittent... More >

The Impact of Hand Hygiene On School Absenteeism

Date: Mon 15th April 2019

Absenteeism in schools is a significant problem. In many countrie... More >

Electronic hand hygiene system fails to improve staff satisfaction in ICU

Date: Mon 15th April 2019

An electronic hand hygiene monitoring system employed in a tertia... More >

Rates of stethoscope cleaning, hand hygiene practices 'lower than expected' in ED

Date: Thu 11th April 2019

A study published in the American Journal of Infection Control ex... More >

New national hand hygiene policy aims to ‘reduce variation’

Date: Thu 28th March 2019

A new national hand hygiene policy has been published by NHS En... More >

How Mount Sinai increased hand hygiene compliance by 20%

Date: Tue 19th March 2019

New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System improved hand hygie... More >

Electronic hand hygiene system study

Date: Mon 11th March 2019

A study published in Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Con... More >

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