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Study finds poor hand hygiene compliance at JDWNRH’s wards

Date: Tue 12th February 2019

A study found that healthcare workers at Jigme Dorji Wangchuck Na... More >

Why we developed the Norovirus prevention guide

Date: Mon 26th November 2018

In 2014, some of us at Christian Living Communities re-analyzed t... More >

New RCN guidance calls on nurses to consider when use of gloves is appropriate

Date: Thu 17th May 2018

Inappropriate use of gloves increases nurses’ risk of nas... More >

What Is Needed to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance—Electronic Surveillance or a Traditional Approach?

Date: Thu 26th April 2018

One of the most simple and effective ways to prevent the spread o... More >

Machine learning can improve hand hygiene performance in the outpatient setting, save costs: 4 insights

Date: Thu 26th April 2018

Machine learning technology with real-time hand hygiene notificat... More >

Minimising infection risks

Date: Mon 9th April 2018

The concept of hygiene for health is never more relevant or more ... More >

Use this system to improve hand hygiene performance rates — 4 advantages

Date: Thu 29th March 2018

The most effective way to increase hand hygiene performance rates... More >

Data becomes key in promoting proper hand hygiene

Date: Mon 19th March 2018

One of the most basic and easy tasks could be the best de... More >

Norovirus outbreak forced trusts to close almost 75,000 hospital beds

Date: Mon 19th March 2018

THE scale of the norovirus outbreak this winter forced trusts to ... More >

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