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Available through NHS England Supply Chain

Hand hygiene compliance is a critical factor in containing the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s).

Not only is the EcoHydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser a highly effective product, it also maintains the integrity of the skin.

The number one reason for failure to comply with hand hygiene protocols is the resistance to the repeated use of products that irritate and damage the skin. 

Technically approved for free sale throughout the UK NHS and available through NHS England Supply Chain, our Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser is available by direct order in the following size formats:

  • 50ml Dispenser: 144 per case.
  • 100ml Dispenser: 72 per case.
  • 500ml Dispenser: 20 per case.
  • Wall Dispenser containing 800ml refill pouch: 6 pouches per case.

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