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Barrier Cream


The EcoHydra Barrier Cream with Antibacterial is a barrier cream with antibacterial properties and a wide range of uses, and kills up to 99.9999% of germs within 30 seconds.

When the EcoHydra Barrier Cream with Antibacterial properties is applied after washing hands with the EcoHydra Antibacterial Handwash, it prevents bacteria from breeding in the sweaty environment inside gloves.

  • It can also help with latex allergies and keeps germs away when gloves tear.   
  • It can of course also be used to protect bare hands.

Like all our products, the barrier cream is completely alcohol and Triclosan free, utilising our unique BASE Technology™ to effectively kill germs without harming the skin or affecting its pH level.

Why Choose EcoHydra's Barrier Cream?

  • Most barrier creams do not have the added benefit of also being antibacterial but the EcoHydra product does.

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