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Q. Why is hand hygiene so important in the role of disease transmission?


  • 80% of infectious diseases are spread by hand contact.
  • According to the W.H.O. hand washing is the most effective way of preventing sickness..

Q. What is the active ingredient in the EcoHydra range of products? Why are the products so unique? 

A. The EcoHydra range of products contains the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). This ingredient on its own has been used for over 60 years in medical sanitation, and is approved for safety and effectiveness in antiseptic applications. It has been approved for safety by the EU as a biocide for use on humans as well as by the US FDA for use as an active ingredient on the hands in the mouth and as a food additive.

The products are unique in that they are very effective at killing bacteria yet do not damage the skin, unlike typical alcohol and Triclosan based products.  

Q. Do your products contain Triclosan?

A. Absolutely not. Studies have shown that Triclosan's effectiveness and safety as an antibacterial agent is flawed. Our antibacterial agent, BAC, has proved its effectiveness and safety through decades of use in the medical field where sanitary environments are of vital importance.

Q. Why don’t EcoHydra’s products attack human cells as they do bacteria, yeast and fungal infections?

A. The answer is species-specific toxicity. Although the BASE Technology™ antimicrobial system found in EcoHydra’s products is effective on a broad spectrum of microorganisms, it has no detectable toxic effect on human skin in vivo. This is because the system contains surfactants, Aloe Vera and Benzalkonium Chloride. These elements, when mixed together in the correct fashion at levels that enhance the natural water-retaining barrier function of the skin, focus the activity of the active ingredient, BAC, on the microorganisms which have worked their way into the skin, and which lie between dead skin cells. In addition, Aloe Vera preferentially protects living mammalian cells from the action of the BAC.

Q. We have experienced a softening of the skin with repeated use of EcoHydra’s products. Why does this occur?

A. The EcoHydra system is formulated to be highly compatible with the skin. It does not break down the skin's natural barrier, as do other actives found in alternative products, but instead complements that barrier. In addition to this, the Aloe Vera in our products is a natural emollient and skin softener that helps the skin stay healthy with repeated product use.  

Q. Do the products stain linens, equipment or skin?

A. No. The EcoHydra products leave no stain and rinse off easily with water. The non-staining aspect is another benefit in the area of cost savings. Certain actives, such as CHG, have the potential for discolouring surfaces, and can react with bleach in the wash cycle to leave permanent brown stains. This effect is worse at the higher concentrations of CHG used in some branded hand cleansing solutions (i.e. 2%), and presents an unnecessary risk to potential users.

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