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Our Hand Sanitisers are
endorsed by AllergyUK!

We're proud to be endorsed by AllergyUK as a trusted provider of safe and effective hand sanitisers for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Every hand sanitiser has a risk of allergy or sensitivity, but with the AllergyUK endorsement, EcoHydra hand sanitisers have been assessed as unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This will be immensely reassuring to sufferers of allergy, intolerances and sensitivities.

Alcohol gel vs EcoHydra

The drying effect of alcohol is a fundamental flaw in its use in a hand sanitiser: it irritates and cracks the skin, exacerbates existing skin conditions and allergies, and can cause contact dermatitis. As a consequence, alcohol has also been shown to become less effective after repeated use.

The Drying Effect

Average alcohol gel

Kinder to Skin


EcoHydra has a soothing and hydrating effect on the skin, maintains its integrity, and is unlikely to exacerbate any pre-existing skin conditions. It’s also worth noting that the average alcohol-based sanitisers stop working as soon as the alcohol has rapidly evaporated, whereas EcoHydra continues to kill germs even after the hands have dried. This is demonstrated by our hand sanitisers passing the PAS 2424 test - a standard test for residual activity, which is when antimicrobial activity continues after a product has dried.

EcoHydra hand sanitiser offers zero drying effect
with low risk of allergies or sensitivities, due to
careful choice of ingredients.