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Why EcoHydra?

Why EcoHydra?

  • It works!

    • EcoHydra kills up to 99.9999% of common bacteria while the typical high street product only kills 99.9% - that’s 1000x more effective!

    • EcoHydra kills Norovirus, MRSA, C. diff, SARS and Bird Flu – Alcohol-based sanitisers DO NOT offer complete protection

  • It’s kind to the skin!

    • Alcohol-based products damage the skin and strip away vital essential oils – EcoHydra contains added Aloe Vera which leaves hands feeling soft and supple

  • It’s suitable for everyone!

    • Alcohol is flammable, intoxicating and poisonous – EcoHydra is 100% non-toxic

    • All our products are completely safe for children and ideal for people with existing skin irritations or religious considerations


Don’t take our word for it! We recently took part in a user trial with the kind help of the Amatsu Clinic and Training School in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire - the winner of the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine’s (ICNM) Best Complementary Medicine Company in 2012. Therapists, students and patients put our range through its paces – here are some of the things they had to say! -

‘A very effective product – it doesn’t dry and crack the hands, making it easy to work with every day.’

‘Hands left soft and happy!’

‘Dries quickly and is very pleasant to use. Would definitely recommend.’

‘I’ve used it in clinic and it is brilliant – no more of that stinging alcohol gel!’