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Hand Sanitiser Refillable Wall Dispenser

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EcoHydra Refillable Wall Dispensers are the perfect option for safe and effective communal use. Containing either hand sanitiser or hand wash, EcoHydra Wall Dispensers are designed for frequent use with minimal contact

  • Designed for frequent use in high-traffic workplaces, schools and retail environments

  • 1litre capacity

  • Easy to full and use

  • Great value - refilled from a 5 litre refill tub

  • Foam dispense, using 50% less liquid per application than an alcohol gel hand sanitiser dispenser

This product is a single refillable wall dispenser.

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The wall unit is initially supplied with both the main key and the wall fittings inside the unit. To open the wall dispenser for the first time, turn the unit so the back is facing you and at the top, you will see 2 tabs that when you press down using your fingers will release the front of the dispenser. 

Once open, remove the wall fitting pack and the 2-pronged key

To subsequently open the wall unit use the 2-pronged key provided, which is inserted into the top of the unit while you simultaneously push down. This will allow the unit to open. 

Remove the lid from the reservoir and fill, then replace the lid and close the wall unit, ensuring that it locks into place. Once you have completed this your wall unit is ready to use.