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Hand Sanitiser

The EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser is at the centre of our product range.

It offers a high level of protection and practicality killing up to 99.9999% of germs within 30 seconds of application without the need for water.

It is also effective against viruses including Norovirus.

With its BASE Technology™ formula that is completely free from alcohol and Triclosan; the highly effective EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser can be used repeatedly throughout the day with no damaging effects to the skin's integrity or pH level, making it suitable for regular use, it is also halal compliant.

The product quickly air-dries naturally leaving no trace liquid or sticky residue and continues to actively fight germs, unlike alcohol-based products.

Available in: 50ml 100ml 200ml 500ml and wall units with replaceable pouches

There is now a new product available for children called Germ Attack with all the germ killing properties of the Hand Sanitiser but with a strawberry fragrance.

Important Advantages of EcoHydra's Hand Sanitiser over Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers

  • Alcohol is dangerous! It is a fire hazard and patients have been known to drink the product,  see BMJ - Alcohol hand rubs hygiene and hazard. EcoHydra's Instant Hand Sanitiser does not contain alcohol and therefore poses no risk to patients.
  • During a Clostridium difficile infection outbreak, hand hygiene protocol requires hospital staff to cease using alcohol based products as they are ineffective. This is because it has been shown that alcohol does not kill the spores of Clostridium species and in certain tests causes a rise in the number of viable spores isolated from samples (see Use of ethanol for selective isolation of sporeforming microorganisms by Koransky et al.) EcoHydra's Hand Sanitiser poses no risk of increasing spore activity of C. diff and therefore can be used continuously. This will ensure that all HCAIs are kept under control.
  • Alcohol dries the skin and creates an environment for bacterial growth. EcoHydra's  Hand Sanitiser is kind to the skin and maintains the natural pH to keep skin supple and hygienic.
  • New HCAIs are frequently reported in the press, outbreaks of Norovirus and Acenitobacter cause the closure of hospital units which is often in the news. Alcohol is not as effective against these germs, whilst EcoHydra's active ingredient is effective against both micro-organisms.
  • Alcohol based products become less effective with repeated application, whereas the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser provides consistent effectiveness with repeated use, as is shown in the graph below.  The product also remains active and effective against micro-organisms for an extended period, whereas alcohol based products have no residual activity - once dry, the effectiveness ceases.

Alcohol-free vs. Alcohol-based Gels; Antimicrobial Effectiveness with Repeated Use

FDA testing protocol listed in Federal Register, Vol. 59(116), June 17, 1994, 21 CFR 333.470.
“Effectiveness testing of an antiseptic Handwash or healthcare antiseptic Handwash.”

The ease of use of the EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser makes it the ideal hand hygiene companion for any staff in clinical situations or areas requiring hygienic operations, enabling them to sanitise their hands instantly and repeatedly throughout the day, dramatically improving hand hygiene.

EcoHydra Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser® vs Alcohol based products – Clinical Benefits
 EcoHydra Instant
Hand Sanitiser
Alcohol Products
Kills up to 99.9999% of germs within 15-30 seconds (pr EN 12054)YesNo
Residual biological persistencyYesNo
Safe for use with children, mental health patients and the elderlyYesNo
Effectiveness consistent with repeated useYesNo
Effective against NorovirusYesNo
Can be used during outbreaks of C. difficileYesNo
EcoHydra Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser® vs Alcohol based products – User Benefits
 EcoHydra Instant
Hand Sanitiser
Alcohol Products
Non-toxic and non-irritatingYesNo
Skin soothingYesNo
Safe for multiple daily use & allergy freeYesNo
Kills germs without stripping away natural oils in the skinYesNo
Dangerous for consumption by patients / childrenNoYes
EcoHydra Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser® vs Alcohol based products – Commercial Benefits
 EcoHydra Instant
Hand Sanitiser
Alcohol Products
Application requirement by volume less than alcoholYesNo
Cost per application lower than alcoholYesNo
Increased compliance with hand hygiene protocolsYesNo
Can be transported by airYesNo
Not hazardousYesNo
Consistent germ kill (can be used in all scenarios)YesNo
No religious or cultural issuesYesNo

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