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London's Leading Hand Hygiene Company

London's Leading Hand Hygiene Company


Long lasting and reliable hand hygiene products for a variety of business sectors in London and across the UK.

There are many reasons to use hand hygiene products in your workplace, especially if you work in retail or the health sector. Maintaining a clean working environment is key to not only employee care, but also potential customers as well. If germs are prevalent in your workspace, this could not only lead to employees needing to take many sick days, but to customers complaining about the cleanliness of your business. EcoHydra's range of hand hygiene products not only kill up to 99.9999% of germs, they are also alcohol free, meaning that applying it to your skin many times a day will not cause irritation or skin damage.

To find out more about our range of hand hygiene products, call today on 01895 778977, or send us a message through our contact form to discuss your needs and to learn more about our products.

Promote high levels of hand hygiene with EcoHydra's products

There are many reasons to make use of EcoHydra's hand hygiene products, including the fact that:

  • It’s alcohol free so kind to hands, even the smallest! That also means it non flammable and safer for all the family.
  • It comes in convenient sized containers that won’t leak!
  • It’s available as a hand sanitiser, hand wash a hand lotion and a barrier cream so there’s something for everyone
  • It kills more germs (up to a 100 times more effective) than typical high street brands
  • It's readily available from larger Boots stores, Amazon, independent pharmacies and direct from us online.

From hand wash, to hand lotion, hand sanitiser and barrier cream, our hand hygiene products encompass a range of uses for many different sectors. Keeping up your hand hygiene is extremely important, and with the alcohol free nature of our products, you will be able to use it time and time again without running the risk of drying out your hands or causing irritation.

Maintain a healthy and germ free environment at work 

Based in Middlesex, we offer a wide variety of hand hygiene products for many different sectors of business, including health and retail, across the UK. If you would like to learn more about our products, or want some advice on how best to use our hand hygiene solutions, then call us today on 01895 778977, or get in touch with us through our contact page to send a message and discuss your requirements with one of our hand hygiene specialists.